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Texting (and using a tablet) can place up to 60 lbs of stress on your neck

Excessive use of a smartphone (and similarly a tablet, magazine, and book) could produce considerable stress on the cervical spine and therefore cause neck pain. Findings from multiple studies have concluded that “heavy smartphone users are commonly found to have forward head syndrome, and slouched posture.”  The distribution of musculoskeletal symptoms included headaches, neck pain, […]

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Tablet Use and Neck Muscles

Recent research at Washington State University identified a greater incidence of neck muscle strain while using a tablet compared to sitting with the head in a neutral position.  Participants were tested in multiple positions while reading and typing for 2 to 5 minutes. They study was designed to help evaluate head and neck “biomechanics during […]

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Healthy Ergonomics for Touch-screen Tablets and Smartphones

In a study by Harvard School of Public Health, experienced tablet users completed a series of tasks using two types of touch-screen tablets.  Each had a case that with adjustments that allowed for the units to adjust for tilt and be propped up.  The findings reveal some simple, yet effective opportunities for healthy ergonomics. Tablets, […]

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